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This is a 16' 1973 Langford wood/canvas canoe. It was fully restored in September 2017 - hasn't even seen water yet. It's been 'upgraded' from a standard Langford and now has hand-caned seats as well as an Old Town style keel.

It has white cedar ribs and red cedar planking, with ash seats, outer rails, and keel. I'm not sure of the wood used for the decks or thwarts - I'm guessing birch. The ash seats are new and have hand-caned webbing.

The inner rails are unbroken save for a little repair work at the tips; the outer rails are new and unbroken. All ribs are in excellent shape. It weights a very manageable 69lbs and measures just over 16' long and 35 3/4" to outer planking. and 37 34" max width from outer rails.

It was made by the Langford Canoe company located in Ontario Canada. The company still makes wood/canvas canoes today but has lost all records of canoes made in the 70's. The company's best guess is that this is their Huron model. I was able to date the canoe from handwritten notes made on the planking under the old canvas by the maker.

This will be an excellent paddling canoe for large or small ponds or lakes, and would make an excellent display canoe. I suspect it will be very stable as it is 1" to 2" wider than most wood/canvas canoes I've seen.

$1500 OBO via PayPal or cash. Note: the trailer shown in the pictures is not included.

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